Santa Monica


In the summer of 2017, an exquisite 3,100 square foot space located in the heart of Santa Monica became the third dedicated Rolex boutique operated by GEARYS in the Los Angeles area. The newest addition opened as one of the largest Rolex boutiques in the United States

Rolex Boutique GEARYS Santa Monica showroom

Three beautifully unique panels depict a custom scene inspired by the beach city, featuring the famed Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel, the silhouette of palm trees swaying in the breeze, and a lifeguard tower lined along the Pacific Ocean. The ocean-inspired motifs and aqua glass walls adorn the boutique space in homage to the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof watch introduced by Rolex in 1926.

Rolex Boutique GEARYS Santa Monica VIP private room

GEARYS Rolex Boutique in Santa Monica provides an enhanced luxury experience with a customer facing, fully-equipped workshop and on-site watchmaker. Two spacious private rooms are adorned with elegant wooden cabinetry, signature leather furniture, and subtle design patterns depicting the grooves and ridges of the fluted bezel - a classic, iconic Rolex aesthetic element and true mark of distinction.

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